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Petrie flew around the Great Valley with his siblings. Ptero followed him. Petrie came across some Large Flyers (Quetzalcoatlus). Not all of them were bad, but these ones were.
“Hello Peewee!” said one of them in a voice that meant that he was up to no good.
“It Petrie actually.” said Petrie.
“Whatever Peewee!” said a female Large Flyer. She grabbed some Tree Stars that Petrie had been carrying.
“Hey, those Tree Stars are Petrie’s!” complained Petrie.
“Not anymore.” she laughed, putting them into her mouth and eating them.
“Hey, you ate Petrie’s Tree Stars. Those were not yours. Oh, no, no, no.” chided Ducky, wagging her fingers at the bullies.
“Shut up Swimmer!” snapped one of the bullies, knocking Ducky over.
“Don’t push Ducky over!” snapped Petrie. The bullies pushed Petrie over too.
“You mean like that?” laughed one of the Large Flyers. Ptero was angry at how the bullies were treating Ducky and Petrie. He decided to confront them.
“Leave them alone!” The others turned to stare at Ptero, who was glaring at them.
“Oh look, Peewee’s new friend is sticking up for him because he’s too wimpy to stand up for himself!” laughed a Large Flyer.
“It’s Petrie, you Beak Brains, not Peewee!” snapped Ptero.
“Who you calling Beak Brain?” said the leader of the Large Flyer bullies menacingly.
“I believe that would be you guys, Beak Brain!” said Ptero smugly.
“Somebody needs to teach you some manners!” said the Large Flyer leader angrily. He went at Ptero. Ptero, however, was far too quick for him. He moved aside and the bully flew into a tree, leaves flying everywhere as he collided with it. The bully angrily turned to stare at Ptero.
“Is that all you got? You call yourself a Flyer? You don’t impress me Wngbrain!” Ptero taunted, flexing his muscles.
“Get him!” yelled the Large Flyer leader to his group. They went for Ptero. Petrie swung a branch at two of the Large Flyers, knocking them out of the air. They landed in mud below. They got out, soaked in mud and really angry.
“Get Peewee!” shouted several of the Large Flyers.
“It Petrie, not Peewee! Can’t you bullies get it right?” Petrie grumbled.
They went for Petrie, who, being smaller than them, flapped off in fright. Meanwhile, others went for Ptero. They struggled with him. “Strong, aren’t you?” said one of them.
Ptero applied extra pressure and threw one of them against a tree. He’d had plenty of practice with Tickly Fuzzies that he’d killed. He’d never killed a Leaf Eater, though he thought of it now. He decided against it. Too many witnesses. Plus, it wouldn’t do for Petrie’s siblings to find out that he was a Sharp Beak.
“Ow, that guy is strong! Get him!” shouted the Large Flyer, winded from being thrown into a tree by Ptero.
SPLAT! Some Sweet Bubbles splattered on the bullies, leaving purple goo on them. They looked up, glaring, and saw Petrie. “Hey, Beak Brains, come get Petrie!” laughed Petrie, sticking his tongue out. They chased after Petrie. Some caught him and brought him to water. They started to dunk his head. “You going to admit that you’re a wimp and that we’re better than you?” asked one. Petrie didn’t answer. They dunked him again. “We have all day.” they said. Petrie kept struggling, but they kept dunking him, laughing. Ptero seethed.
Ptero snuck up behind some of them. He struck one with his talons. It wasn’t meant to harm greatly, as he could have greatly injured or even killed had he wanted to. However, it cut open one of the Large Flyers. He took off. Petrie was able to break free. “We’ll get you for that. You just wait!” they said.
“Tell you what guys. We’ll meet when the Night Circle is highest. No grownups around. Then we’ll see who’s so tough. Petrie and I will be happy to fight you tonight. Come…if you’ve got the guts.” said Ptero.
The Large Flyers laughed. Petrie started to sweat, staring at Ptero with horror over what he’d just said.
“Ptero, me no sure about…” said Petrie nervously. But it was too late.
“Be there, or you’ll regret it!” said the Large Flyer leader dangerously.
Petrie was nervous all day. “Ptero get me into confrontation with bullies tonight.” said Petrie.
“Ptero, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” said Littlefoot.
“I think these bullies will freak out when they come across a Sharp Beak. Especially at night.” whispered Ptero, winking. Littlefoot smiled and winked back.
At night, after Petrie’s family had gone to bed, Petrie and Ptero snuck out. Ptero halted at one point, though Petrie, who was very dreadfully nervous, kept going, not noticing. Petrie came and confronted the Large Flyers.
“Time for some pain!” said the Large Flyers to Petrie.
“Your buddy is gone.” they said.
Ptero looked around in a panic, and saw, with horror, that Ptero was gone. “Ptero, where you go?” asked Petrie in alarm.
“All alone Peewee!” they laughed.
They pushed Petrie over. The leader grabbed Petrie and threw him a few feet. “You’re gonna come into a world of hurt Peewee!” he laughed.
Suddenly, in the dark, they heard a screech. They all paused. They heard it again, coming closer. They were in a part of the Great Valley that didn’t have grownups nearby so they could fight without being told off.
The cry got closer. “What that?” asked Petrie, who didn’t know what it was either. He was wondering where Ptero was.
The cry got louder. Suddenly, a Sharp Beak hunting cry went out. KAW-TAW-RAHHH-RANNNH-RARRRR! KAW-TAW-RAHHH-RANNNH-RARRRR! KAW-TAW-RAHHH-RANNNH-RARRRR!
“There’s a Sharp Beak in the Great Valley!” cried all the Large Flyers.
“There’s no grown-ups around!” moaned the leader of the Large Flyers, realizing how vulnerable they were.
A shadow appeared on the rock walls nearby. It stretched out its talons and moved closer. The Large Flyers were so afraid that they almost wet themselves. “Sharp Beak! Take off!” they cried. They bolted into the air flying off as quickly as Sierra to lose his temper.
Petrie was about to go too, when he was grabbed by some talons. Petrie moaned, expecting to die. “Oh, this the end! Me can’t look!” he cried, shutting his eyes and whimpering. When nothing happened, he asked “What you waiting for?”
Ptero certainly had the opportunity, yet Petrie was his friend. Petrie opened his eyes when he heard a familiar voice. “Don’t worry Petrie, it’s me.” Petrie turned and saw Ptero holding him.
“Me glad you not bad Sharp Beak.” said Petrie in relief.
“I doubt they’ll want to talk about this. You sticking around to be near a Sharp Beak that they were too afraid of should help deal a blow to their ego. They’ll leave you alone now, I expect.” said Ptero. “At least they left. If they hadn’t, I would have had to have eaten them.” Ptero joked. The two laughed.
The next day, the bullies were indeed amazed to see Petrie alive. They thought that he might have become dinner for a Sharp Beak, and, not wanting to admit about having snuck out at night, were going to let the grownups find out that Petrie was missing. However, much to their shock, they’d found that Petrie was alive and well. They were too embarrassed to admit that he’d been braver than them. They thought he must be braver than they thought and so never bothered him again.

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