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Red Claw
Out There (New Song to the tune of Big Water.)
Always There
It was getting late. The Bright Circle would be down in about an hour. Chomper, however, was hungry. He went to get some Stinging Buzzers. However, it didn’t quite go as planned, for they went after him. He came running, trying to avoid being stung. The others also took off. They ran right up the Great Wall. They moved aside to avoid the Stinging Buzzers, and were able to avoid them. However, they slipped and rolled down rocks on part of the Great Wall.
They were ok, though they were sore and bruised. Ruby, however, got the worst of it. “My ankle is dislocated. Dislocated it is.” said Ruby. They went toward the path back into the Great Valley. “It is too steep. If I climb it when I’m like this, I will fall.” said Ruby. “You should rest for a bit. You should. You should.” suggested Ducky. However, they didn’t have time to rest. ROARRRRRRRRRRRRR! It was Red Claw, Screech, and Thud!
They ran. Littlefoot and Chomper supported poor Ruby. They were able to hide in a cave. Quickly, they blocked most of the entrance with rocks. The bad guys went past.
(Theme song: All I see is the day in front of us. All I see is the day in front of us. Burning bright with a new-born sun. Burning bright with a new-born sun. Come follow me
Hills to climb and plains to roam
Oh, streams to follow all the way home
To the Land Before Time
Before time
“I think we lost them.” said Littlefoot. “They won’t give up that easily. Not if I know Red Claw.” said Chomper. Ruby moaned. “Are you ok?” Ducky asked her.
“I’ll be fine as I only dislocated it.” said Ruby. Chomper and Cera pushed against her leg. It went back into joint. “That feels better. Thank you my friends.” said Ruby.
“Ok, let’s go back.” said Cera. Chomper peaked through the cracks of the rock wall they had made. “It’s dark out. We can’t.” he said.
“Why not?” asked Cera. Chomper and Ruby looked at each other. “There are Sharpteeth that hunt at night. It won’t be just Red Claw, Screech, and Thud out there.” said Ruby. “I’m not afraid.” said Cera. “Me am.” said Petrie nervously. “Me too. I am, I am.” said Ducky, seeing the fear in Chomper and Ruby. “I don’t know…” said Littlefoot, uneasy himself. Spike nodded to show that he agreed with the others, minus Cera.
“Come on guys, stop being a bunch of Scaredy Eggs.” said Cera. She headed for the opening. However, Chomper, grabbed ahold of her. “You must not go out there at night for if you go out there, you will likely get eaten.” said Ruby. “It’s not like I haven’t been chased before.” said Cera, still not convinced.
Ruby and Chomper began to sing.
“The Mysterious, mysterious Beyond! The Mysterious mysterious Beyond!
We don’t want to go out there at night.
We’d rather not get in a fight.
We don’t want to suffer a fright.
We’d prefer to stay in here and be alright.
And not go out there.” they both sang.
“I’d rather stay in here and got some sleep
then go out there and met a fanged creep, a big fanged creep.” sang Chomper.
“No thanks I don’t need a scare.
I’m not going out there. Not out there.” sang Ruby.
“Things that could rip off your arms, legs, and head.
Things that will catch you and leave you dead.” sang Chomper and Ruby together.
“We don’t want to risk it so we’re…” they both sang.
“Not…” sang Chomper.
“Not…” sang Ruby.
“going out there.” they both sang.
As they finished the song, they heard creepy noises coming from the Mysterious Beyond. They all huddled together, terrified.
After some time, Cera said, “So, what now?” “Well, I need to get something to eat.” said Chomper, who unfortunately happened to be looking at Cera. “Don’t look at me!” said Cera. Chomper went off. He came back later with some Crawlers that he’d found. He started to eat them.
“Could you not eat those in front of us?” said Cera irritably. Chomper went to another section of the cave and finished his meal. He came back when he was done.
“Ok, now that Chomper has had his really disgusting dinner, what do we do now?” said Cera. KABOOM! KABOOM! SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! It started to thunder, lightning, and rain outside. “Just great!” moaned Cera. The others groaned too.
“We’re going to have to spend the night here in the Mysterious Beyond. I suggest we spend the night here in this cave as it is dry here and if we go out there, we’ll get wet, if not eaten.” said Ruby. “We should check out this cave first. We have to check that there is not another way in. It would be awful if Red Claw, Screech, and Thud camed upon us in the middle of the night. It would. It would.” said Ducky. “Good idea.” said Littlefoot.
They checked and found that, though the cave was big and had a few passages and caverns, there were no other entrances. They decided to settle in the back of the cave. However, just as they were snuggling and about to fall asleep, water came in through a part of the roof. “Hey!” said Cera, jumping up in alarm.
The water started to pour in. Soon, the chamber was flooding. “Hang on!” said Ruby and Littlefoot. They got the others out of there in time. They moved to a higher level.
“Wow, that close!” said Petrie. “I do not like being in here. I do not.” said Ducky. “I wanna go home!” said Cera.
“Me wish me were with Mom.” said Petrie. Ruby and Chomper nodded.
They began to sing:
“When the rain come down
And storms come in the night.
When me afraid of sky fire
She always there to help me with me fright.
She wrap her wings around me
And tell me “Don’t be scared”
And me knew that me was safe because
Me Mom always there.” sang Petrie.
“When there would be many things at night that would give me a scare.
i was able to rest at night feeling safe because I knew, they were always there.
Always there when I was feeling bad.
They always were there to protect me: my Mom and Dad.” sang Chomper.
“Always there
Someone you can count on
To comfort you
Always there
Like a green, green valley
You can come home to.” all of the kids sang.
“I can recall the times I’d lay awake.
Something in the night would cause me to shudder and shake.
But Mom and Dad would always be there for me.
And they’d say ‘We’re always there.'” sang Ruby.
“Always there
Someone you can count on
To comfort you
Always there
Like a green, green valley
You can come home to.” sang all of the kids.
“Always there.” sang Petrie.
They huddled together. They soon fell asleep.
The next morning, they awoke. “Morning already?” said Cera, stretching and yawning. They went outside and found that it was still raining hard. They all groaned.
“Maybe the rain will throw them off of our scent.” said Chomper. They headed out into the rain. They didn’t meet any enemies. However, as they neared the entrance to the Great Valley, they heard roaring. Red Claw, Screech, and Thud were coming.
They headed up a path to the Great Valley. Water was running down it and they slipped many times. They held on to each other and were able to get back up and into the Great Valley. Red Claw, Screech, and Thud, meanwhile, had tried to go after them. However, Screech and Thud slipped on the mud and fell down the hill, colliding with Red Claw and taking him with them. They eventually reached the bottom. Red Claw snarled at his two Fast Biter minions in disgust.
Meanwhile, the kids came into the Great Valley. “Littlefoot!” said Grandpa and Grandma Longneck. “Cera!” said Topps and Tria. “Petrie!” said Mama Flyer! “Ducky! Spike!” said Mama Swimmer. “Chomper and Ruby!” said all of the parents. “We’re fine.” said all of the kids. “We got stranded out there but we’re back now.” they continued. Their parents hugged them, and Chomper and Ruby too. All was well.

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