I’m in the process of redesigning the website from scratch!  Some amazing features are coming, so stay tuned! I expect to be done with the update by 7/8/2022. Feel free to still post on the forum, explore the site, upload photos, etc. during the redesign. I’m keeping all the data from the old site. Just be aware that things might look a little funny or might not work right from a usability perspective while I’m working on the site.

The Site is Now Clean

Sorry for the recent malware redirect script that had made its way onto the site.  The malware had been injected through the image upload system and was quite ingenious in an insidious kind of way.  There was no actual malware involved that could jump onto your computer.  The main goal of this script was to redirect visitors to garbage websites so that they could steal our traffic.

But anyway, the redirect script has been removed and steps have been taken to make sure we won’t fall victim to that exact script again.  It’s important to keep in mind however that fighting malware is a constant battle between the good guys and the bad guys and that each side will take a blow once in a while.

The best way to let me know about an issue with the site will always be through the Contact Us page.  If you fill out the form on the Contact Us page, I’ll get an email directly to my inbox.  I only manually check the website every few days so my response will be delayed if you simply post a topic on the forum informing me of the issue.

I’m going to need to do some major back-end improvements to the member system in the future.  Although it was the image upload system that was attacked this time, the code for the member system is even older and needs to be updated to avoid issues like this later down the road.  Unfortunately due to the nature of the member system, some downtime might be involved.  I’ll have to look into it.

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