I’m in the process of redesigning the website from scratch!  Some amazing features are coming, so stay tuned! I expect to be done with the update by 7/8/2022. Feel free to still post on the forum, explore the site, upload photos, etc. during the redesign. I’m keeping all the data from the old site. Just be aware that things might look a little funny or might not work right from a usability perspective while I’m working on the site.

Site Rules

Section 1 (General Rules)

  • No trolling or flaming – Flaming & trolling is not permitted.
  • Be Respectful – Be kind and courteous to others, even if they have a different opinion than you do.
  • Avoid off topic discussions – if you want to have a conversation about an unrelated topic that’s come up in a thread, then feel free to make a new one. Non-LBT related discussions can go in the General Forum
  • Language – Please remember that is open to all age groups. It’s very likely that there are minors browsing the site. Please keep your language in check. Excessive swearing will result in a warning, and a ban for repeat offenses.

Section 2 (Accounts)

  • Each member is limited to one(1) account – If you’ve forgotten your password, you may Reset it here. If you still can’t get access to your account, contact a member of the staff and we’ll see if we can get it sorted out for you.
  • Usernames – Please avoid using inappropriate usernames. Any user that creates an inappropriate username will have their account deleted. Depending on the extent of the infraction, you may be able to create a new account if you avoid using inappropriate language from that point forward.
  • Deleting your account – If you would like to have your account removed from the site, please contact us. Do not try to delete all the content you’ve created on this website by yourself. You’ll just create a mess for the staff to clean up and you won’t be successful.

Section 3 (Spam & Self-Promotion)

  • We have a ZERO spam policy – If you have a previous account in good standing and you start sending spam messages, we’ll attempt to contact you by email to see if your account has been compromised. If it hasn’t, we will have to impose a warning or a ban depending on the seriousness of the infraction.
  • Self-Promotion – Some types of self-promotion are acceptable and even welcome! For example, submitting your LBT related fanart or fanfiction is a great way to share your work with others. On the other hand, promoting an unrelated website and creating thoughtless topics to increase your post count is NOT welcome behavior.
  • Post Count – It’s not a contest to see who can make the most posts. Remember, quality over quantity. Anyone found making a bunch of thoughtless topics just to increase their post count will receive a warning.

Section 4 (File Sharing)

  • Images – We welcome any LBT related screenshots in our community photo gallery and you can post any LBT related pictures in the forums.
  • Music Videos – Feel free to share any LBT related music videos you wish on the forums.
  • Full Movies (LBT) / TV Episodes (LBT) / Songs (LBT) – Universal owns the copyright to these materials and they are NOT allowed on
  • Full Movies (other) / TV Episodes (other) / Songs (other) – If another company holds the copyright to these materials they are NOT allowed on

Section 5 (Adult Content)

  • Adult Discussions – Discussions regarding controversial topics (i.e. religion, politics, etc.) go in the After Hours Forum.
  • Pornography / Rule 34 – This type of content is NOT allowed on Any member uploading or sharing this content will be banned immediately. Remember, we have children visiting this site! This site should remain family friendly. There are plenty of other websites out there where you can share that type of material, but this is NOT one of them.
  • *Almost Explicit Imagery – If it’s not family friendly, don’t post it. We’re not going to let this type of content slip through based on a technicality, so don’t even try it.
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