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Bus spotting

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    It is one of my favorite hobbies. I look at the bus registeration plate numbers.

    Bus registeration plate numbers guide:
    Mercedes-Benz O405 (SBS Transit): SBS82P to SBS281G (Walter Alexander), SBS282D to SBS581R (Duple Metsec) and SBS3723D to SBS3922X (Duple Metsec) (Built in 1990 to 1992)
    Scania N113CRB: SBS31L to SBS80U and SBS3573U to SBS3722G (Built in 1989)
    Volvo B10M Mark 2: SBS1696L to SBS1895D (Built in 1988)
    Volvo B10M Mark 3: SBS582M to SBS881A (Built in 1992)
    Volvo B10M Mark 4 (Duple Metsec): SBS882Y to SBS996C (Built in 1995)
    Volvo B10M Mark 4 (Walter Alexander Strider): SBS1896B to SBS1999M and SBS2593T to SBS2688D (Built in 1995)
    Volvo B10M Mark 4 (DM3500): SBS2689B to SBS2838M (Built in 1997)
    Leyland Olympian 3-axle: SBS9000S to SBS9199C (Built in 1993)
    Volvo Olympian 2-axle: SBS7198T to SBS7297R (Built in 1994)
    Volvo Olympian 3-axle (Batch 1): SBS9200G to SBS9400X (Built in 1994)
    Volvo Olympian 3-axle (Batch 2): SBS9401T to SBS9600K (Built in 1996)
    Volvo Olympian 3-axle (Batch 3): SBS9601H to SBS9670H (Built in 1999)
    Dennis Trident: SBS9671E to SBS9690A (Built in 1999)
    Volvo B10TL (Volgren): SBS9800A to SBS9849K and SBS9888Y (Built in 1999)

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