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Earthshake Escapade

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    Feel So Happy

    “I’m going to get you!” cried Chomper, chasing a Pretty Flyer (butterfly). CHOMP! He tried to bite it, but it flew out of reach. CHOMP! He lunged at it again. The Pretty Flyer moved out of sight. However, Chomper sniffed and followed its scent. He snuck up on it. It thought it had lost him. CHOMP! Too late, it realized he was there.
    “Yum!” said Chomper. He licked up the Pretty Flyer goo off of his face. The others grimaced and turned away. They looked back at him when he was done.
    “How do you do it?” asked Littlefoot.
    “My sniffer,” Chomper replied.
    He spotted another Pretty Flyer and went chasing after it. Littlefoot continued on. About a minute after he’d left Chomper, the ground began to shake. “Earthshake!” Littlefoot cried. He ran as the ground started to open up below them. They kept running until the ground had stopped shaking. Behind them, the ground was splitting open and hot smoke was coming from underground fires.
    “Are you all right?” called Grandpa Longneck, coming toward them.
    “I think so Grandpa,” replied Littlefoot.
    Grandma Longneck came toward them. “The Earthshake has blocked off parts of the Great Valley. Several families are trapped!” she cried in alarm.
    [Theme song: “All I see is the day in front of us. All I see is the day in front of us. Burning bright with a new-born sun. Burning bright with a new-born sun. Come follow me. Hills to climb and valleys to roam
    Oh, streams to follow all the way home
    To the Land Before Time
    Before time.”]
    “What are we going to do now Grandma?” Littlefoot asked.
    “We’ll have to rescue them somehow,” Grandma Longneck replied.
    “How are we going to find a way to them? Many paths are cut off and it will take a good while to find our way through them all to the right one,” Cera asked.
    “We’ll just have to do the best we can,” Grandpa Longneck replied.
    “Maybe Chomper can help find them,” Littlefoot suggested.
    “What do you mean Littlefoot? How could Chomper help?” Cera asked.
    “Remember how Chomper found that Pretty Flyer with his sniffer?” Littlefoot asked her.
    “Can’t he do the same thing with the trapped families?”
    “I suppose so.”
    Littlefoot and Cera came to Chomper. Chomper was with Ruby and the two of them were collecting flowers. Unfortunately, the flowers had lots of pollen, which caused Chomper to sneeze. “ACHOO!” Chomper sneezed.
    “Bless you Chomper,” Ruby said.
    “The flower fuzzies irritate my Sniffer.”
    “Chomper, we’d like to ask your help with something,” Littlefoot said.
    “I’ll be glad to help you. Just tell me what you need.”
    “There was an Earthshake and several dinosaurs are trapped.”
    “That’s terrible!”
    “I know. I was wondering if you could help.”
    “How can I help? I’m so little. I can’t free them, especially with these tiny arms.”
    “You can help smell them out. Your sniffer is very good at finding dinosaurs.”
    “I guess so.”
    “I’m going to go adventuring. Adventuring. Adventuring. I’m going to go adventuring. And get some dinosaurs out of a bind.
    They may be lost behind a waterfall
    Or trapped by rocks and trees piled high and tall.
    Doesn’t matter if they’re big and small.
    I’m going to find them all,” Chomper began to sing.
    “Will you go through creepy caves
    To find a lost dinosaur to save?” Ducky sang.
    “Will you search for them both high and low
    And tell us where we need to go?” Petrie sang.
    “I think so,” Chomper sang in reply.
    “So, if you go adventuring, adventuring, adventuring,
    There’s one thing you’re going to have to do.
    You’re going to have to take us all with you,” all of the children, minus Chomper, sang.
    “Me want to go adventuring too,” Petrie sang, finishing the song.
    They soon found a group of stranded dinosaurs. They were trapped on the other side of a chasm that had been formed by the Earthshake. Petrie was able to fly the lightest of the children to safety, but the rest were stuck.
    “Thanks for helping get my daughter across Petrie,” said a female Longhorn.
    “No problem Alberta. We get Chomper to help find you,” Petrie replied.
    “Oh, those poor Longhorns are stuckded over there and cannot cross,” Ducky sighed, shaking her head.
    “Can you help save our mother?” the child asked Littlefoot.
    “Chomper will help you.” Littlefoot replied.
    “A Sharptooth?”
    “He’s a nice Sharptooth.”
    “Where did you find a nice Sharptooth? I thought that they were all mean.”
    “We hatched Chomper as an egg,” Littlefoot replied.
    “Why would you hatch a Sharptooth?” the Longhorn child asked.
    “It’s a long story.”
    “How’s he going to find my family anyway? I thought Sharpteeth were really stupid.”
    “No, we’re not!” Chomper snapped.
    “That’s what I heard from Mr. Threehorn.”
    “Well, he’s wrong! I’m going to smell out your family. My kind have the best sniffers out of all of the dinosaurs.”
    “How are you going to find a way over? You’ve not a Sharpbeak. You can’t fly,” the kid asked him.
    “There’s got to be another way over there somehow,” Chomper replied.
    “The only other way that I know of is across a deep river. And my family can’t swim,” the child said.
    “I’ll find a way,” Chomper said.
    “I hope so.”
    After some time, they came to the deep river that the child had spoken of. “How are we going to get across now?” the child asked.
    “Me could fly across,” Petrie replied.
    “I mean the rest of us who aren’t Flyers.”
    “Um, me no sure.”
    “Well, that’s not very helpful,” the Longhorn child grumbled.
    “Stop you’re griping; we’ll find a way to cross it!” Cera snapped.
    However, after trying to find a better spot to cross, they came back, realizing that that spot was their best chance of crossing. “We need to find some way to get across,” Ducky said.
    Spike saw a big leaf sticking out from a tree branch. It was just out of his reach so he stood up on his hindlegs and grabbed the leaf in his mouth and began to eat it. As he had stood up, he had pushed his forelegs against the tree. The wood in the base of the tree had rotted, causing the tree to fall over after Spike had pressed against it, creating a bridge over the river.
    “Way to go Spike!” Littlefoot cried. Spike grinned. They walked across the bridge. After traveling for several minutes, they reached the family of Longhorns.
    “Mother!” the young Longhorn cried.
    “Ilga!” Alberta cried. She ran over to her daughter and embraced her.
    “This Sharptooth helped us find you.”
    “Hey, what about the rest of….” Cera began to argue, but Littlefoot nudged her, causing her to shut up.
    “I’m sorry I ever doubted you Chomper,” Alberta said.
    “I’m just glad to help.”
    A few minutes later, Cera asked “So now that we reunited the Longhorn child with his mother, what do we do now?”
    “Alberta mentioned something about a missing Onehorn child. How about we go look for him next?” Littlefoot suggested.
    “Ok,” Chomper replied.
    They set out looking for the Longhorn child, but, two hours later, Chomper still hadn’t found the scent. “Any scent of the Onehorn child yet?” Cera asked.
    “Sorry, no,” Chomper sighed, shaking his head.
    “Could you sniff harder? Maybe you’ll find him faster.” Cera asked him.
    “Cera, I’m a Strongbiter Sharptooth! I’ve got the strongest sense of smell of all the Sharpteeth! If I can’t smell the child, that means that he’s not anywhere near here!” Chomper grumbled in exasperation.
    “Maybe you could try searching a different direction.”
    “Good idea. If I haven’t found anything by now this direction, the Onehorn is probably not this way.”
    They changed directions and continued on for fifteen minutes. Suddenly, Chomper halted.
    “What is it?” Littlefoot asked.
    Chomper sniffed the air. “I smell a Onehorn. I think it’s the missing Onehorn kids!” he said excitedly.
    “Which way?’ Cera asked.
    “Um,” Chomper said, sniffing the air, “this way.”
    They followed Chomper for fifteen minutes. However, eventually, their path was blocked by a deep chasm, which had lava, brought up by the Earthshake, at the bottom. “How we going to get across this?” Petrie asked.
    “You can fly,” Cera said.
    “What about rest of you?”
    “We could cross over that,” Ruby suggested, pointing at a large log some distance away.
    “Looks unstable,” Cera remarked.
    “Don’t be a Scaredy Egg,” Littlefoot said.
    They began to cross it, Chomper going across first and Littlefoot following him. Petrie, meanwhile, just flew across. Next came Ruby and Ducky followed by Spike. Cera came across last. Her fears proved right, for the log began to give way when she was halfway across. As it broke, she leaped forward. She wouldn’t have made it far enough to be able to grab onto the ledge on the other side, but luckily Littlefoot reached out and grabbed her and pulled her in. “Thanks Littlefoot.” she said. “Though I told you that I thought that it seemed unstable.”
    “Guess we’ll have to find another way across when we go back,” Littlefoot sighed.
    “I think we should do that now before going any further. It won’t do any good to go get the Onehorns only for them to be stuck with us while we try and find a way across,” Ruby suggested.
    “Good point,” Cera said.
    They searched for an hour but didn’t find any more logs to cross. “Well, we didn’t find any logs to get across so it looks like we won’t be able to get across by logs like we did to get here,” Ruby sighed.
    “Face it, we’re stuck!” Cera grumbled.
    “Do not worry Cera. We will think of something. Yep. Yep. Yep. We will,” Ducky said.
    They decided to walk further along the canyon, trying to find another spot to cross. Eventually, they found a place where the canyon ceased and it was level ground. Unfortunately, the way was blocked by a huge pile of boulders.
    “How we going to break these?” Petrie asked.
    “We could just have Cera use her head,” Chomper suggested.
    Cera rammed them with her head. She was, with some effort, able to break some of them, but at the rate she was going, it would take quite a while to get them all. “This will take me forever to break them all!” she grumbled, stressing that very point aloud.
    “Maybe we get lots of Threehorns to break rocks for us,” Petrie suggested.
    “There aren’t any Threehorns trapped in this section, besides me.”
    “But there is me.” The children turned and looked.
    “Mr. Thicknose?” Littlefoot gasped.
    “Yes, I’m currently trapped over here. I heard from Petrie’s mother that Chomper was helping rescue others and that he helped rescue those Longhorns.”
    “That’s true enough Mr. Thicknose, but the log we crossed on broke and now we’re trapped over here just like you,” Chomper sighed.
    “Perhaps I can help.” They arrived at the pile of rocks a short time later. “This is quite a pile.”
    “So, can you and Cera together break these rocks and help get us out of here?” Littlefoot asked.
    “Well, we’ll give it a go.”
    The two charged at the rocks and, giving it their best effort, were able to break enough of them to make a path through to the other side. The children all cheered. “Now we can go rescue the Onehorns,” Chomper said.
    A few moments later, they had located the Onehorn children. “It’s Chomper the Sharptooth, he’s found us!” one of them cried excitedly. Chomper and the others led them back to their parents
    “Chomper, thank you for rescuing them,” said their mother.
    “No problem. Glad to help.”
    “We’ve now rescued half the dinosaurs that were trapped,” Ruby said.
    “Chomper, see if you can find that large herd of Threehorns that is missing,” Littlefoot said.
    Chomper sniffed the air. Their scent was very faint. If he’d been another type of Sharptooth and not a Strongbiter, he wouldn’t have detected their smell at all. As it was, he could scent them very far off. “I can smell them.” he said. “But they’re far away.”
    “Far away or not, we still need to find them,” Littlefoot said.
    “I’ll do my best.”
    They followed Chomper as he made his way across the Great Valley. Due to the damage the Earthshake had caused to the Valley, they were forced, every now and then, to find their way around piles of fallen debris that blocked their paths. Eventually, they reached a spot where they couldn’t go any further due to too much debris. “How are we going to get around this?” Cera asked.
    “Well, we could go back and then go way around and get there, but the best way to get there is the way in front of us,” Ruby said.
    “it’s getting late. Perhaps we should rest for the day. The Bright Circle is about to go down,” Cera said.
    “Ok, but we need to get up as soon as the Bright Circle rises. Those poor dinosaurs might be without food and water,” Littlefoot said.
    The group went to sleep and woke up the next morning at sunrise. “So, should we try and get through this or go around it?” Cera asked.
    “I think we should go around it,” Ducky said.
    “I think that’s a good idea Ducky,” Chomper said.
    “I agree,” Littlefoot said.
    “But it could take hours to get around it!” Cera complained.
    “Yes, but we could also spend hours trying to get through it and still not get through it,” Ruby remarked.
    They eventually agreed to go around it. After traveling for four hours, they reached a spot where they could head toward the trapped dinosaurs. They hadn’t gone this way before as the way they had previously headed was shorter. They headed down this new path for an hour. Soon, however, they once more found their way blocked. “Great, the way was blocked and we went around only to find that this way was blocked too!” Ruby groaned.
    “I can try and break it with my horn,” Cera offered.
    “I don’t know. It looks rather large,” Littlefoot said.
    “I’m a Threehorn. I think I can handle it.” She stepped several feet back from the others, ran in place for a few seconds, then charged forward and rammed the fallen rocks and trees with all of her strength. She broke a few of the boulders and shattered the wood into splinters on some of the trees. “Ok, I’ll do it again.” she said, undeterred. She rammed the debris again, but only managed to clear a small amount of it. “Third time’s a charm.” Cera said, as she ran back, paused, and then charged at the debris pile a third time. However, she was once more only able to clear a portion of the blockage. Her horn was starting to hurt from ramming the debris. “It’s no use. It’ll take all day for me to clear this at this rate.”
    “Well, I don’t see how we can get to the dinosaurs to rescue them if we can’t get to the dinosaurs to rescue them,” Ruby sighed.
    “Perhaps I can get someone to help you.” The group looked up and saw Etta. “I saw Mr. Threehorn and Mr. Thicknose not that long ago. I think they can help you.” Several minutes later, she returned with them.
    “Thanks Etta,” Littlefoot said.
    With the help of Mr. Threehorn and Mr. Thicknose, they were able to break through the debris. “We did it!” Littlefoot cried excitedly.
    “What do you mean ‘we’?” Mr. Threehorn grumbled in annoyance.
    “Well, you and Mr. Thicknose I mean,” Littlefoot hastily replied.
    The group, no longer blocked by the debris, once more continued on. After an hour, they reached the group of Threehorns. However, there was a problem. The earthquake had formed a small river that blocked their way to half of the Threehorns. “Oh no!” the group cried upon seeing the blocking stream.
    “We’re saved!” cried the group of Threehorns on their side of the stream.
    “But what about them?” Littlefoot asked, pointing across the stream.
    “We can’t get to them. None of us can swim. And even if we could, we couldn’t bring them all across, “ another Threehorn replied.
    “Don’t worry; if there is a way for us to get them across, I’m sure that we’ll find that way,” Ruby replied.
    “Me think that we should block water.”
    “Block the water?” Cera asked Petrie.
    “Water too fast to swim across. But if water blocked, Threehorns just walk across.”
    “How would we block it, though?”
    Petrie pointed up at two huge boulders. “We can use those to block stream on both ends.”
    “But that would still leave water in the middle.”
    “Yes, but Threehorns no get swept away now. They just walk across and take kids with them.”
    “Good thinking Petrie.”
    “How are we going to get up there, though? We can’t fly like Petrie can fly,” Ruby asked.
    “Oops, me forget you not able to just fly up there.”
    Ruby began to try and climb up toward the boulders. “What are you doing Ruby? You can’t push those down by yourself!” Cera called up to her.
    “I’m not. You can throw some of those vines up to me and I can tie them around them and you guys can pull them down.”
    “Good idea Ruby,” Littlefoot said.
    Ruby threw the vines down to them and Littlefoot, Chomper, Ducky, and Petrie tugged on them, trying to pull the rocks down. Unfortunately, they could hardly get them to budge at all.
    “Could you guys hurry up? I don’t want to be here all day!” Cera grumbled.
    “I think we’re doing it better by doing it than you are by not doing it!” Ruby snapped at her.
    “Make room for us or you’ll never get those down!” Cera said. The group moved further apart, leaving room for her and Spike. The Threehorn and the Spiketail, with the assistance of the others, soon were able to pull down one of the large boulders, blocking half of the water.
    A few minutes later, they had pulled down the other boulder as well. Now that the water was blocked the Threehorns were able to walk across.
    Having freed the Threehorns, they set out to find the last group of dinosaurs that was still trapped. This time, they had many dinosaurs, freed by them, to help them out. A group of Spiketails and Onehorons had been trapped after the earthquake, their escape routes cut off by a huge crack in the ground, which went so deep that the heat of the fires of the earth came up from the depths. So far, the trapped dinosaurs had not found a way around the chasm.
    However, Chomper had discovered their scents. “Did you find a way to them that’s safe?” Cera asked.
    “I believe so.”
    “Hopefully it won’t take that long to get to them.”
    “I’ll try my best.”
    “Cera, you shouldn’t complain. Chomper is trying his best and we will get there when we get there,” Ruby said.
    “Well, still, hurry up Chomper, I’m getting hungry!”
    “So am I,” Chomper, who happened to be looking at Cera, replied.
    “Don’t look at me!”
    “How close you think we are?” Petrie asked Chomper.
    “Not sure.”
    “Just give us an estimate,” Cera said.
    “Three hours maybe.”
    “Ug, that’s forever!”
    “Stop complaining Cera!” Littlefoot snapped.
    Three hours later, Cera asked “Are we about there?”
    “I think so,” Chomper replied.
    A few minute later, they saw a narrow path up, which had been left unscathed by the earthquake, leading across the chasm. “Ug, it’s so narrow,” Cera moaned.
    “We know you’re afraid of heights, but if you don’t look down then you won’t see the ground way below you,” Ruby said.
    They all headed, one by one, across the narrow path and reached the other side. “So, how close are the missing dinosaurs now, Chomper?” Cera asked.
    “I’d say only a few more minutes away.”
    “Good, that mean we almost done with this whole thing. Petrie getting very tired,” Petrie sighed in relief.
    They continued to head toward the trapped dinosaurs. Finally, as Chomper had predicted, they spotted them. “There they are!” Ducky cried.
    The group ran toward the dinosaurs, Chomper at the rear. Suddenly, however, the earth began to shake again. Rocks and other debris were shaken from the cliffs around them and fell toward Chomper. The Sharptooth leaped out of the way just in time, but became trapped behind the piles of fallen debris.
    “Oh no, Chomper helped all the dinosaurs who were trapped get untrapped and now he’s trapped himself!” Ruby cried.
    “Chomper, are you ok?” Littlefoot asked.
    “Yes, it all missed me, but I’m very cramped. For once, it’s a good thing that I have short arms.”
    “We’re going to get you out,” Littlefoot said.
    “How? This is too big for you to move. In fact, I think it’s too big for even Mr. Threehorn to move!”
    “We’ll think of something,”
    “Be careful guys. If you goof up, this will end up crushing me.”
    “We’re going to need a lot of help if we’re going to get Chomper out of here safely,” Littlefoot said to the others.
    Three hours later, Littlefoot returned with dozens of Great Valley residents. “I’ve brought help Chomper,” he said.
    “How are we going to get him out?” Mama Flyer asked.
    “We’ll find a way,” Grandma Longneck replied.
    “My arms are getting really numb!” Chomper cried.
    “Don’t worry, we’ll get you out soon, if we can find a way to get you out,” Ruby said.
    “That doesn’t exactly sound comforting Ruby,” Chomper said nervously.
    Spike began trying to clear several rocks out of the way. However, after he had cleared them, more came lose and fell into the spot that Spike had just opened up. He tried clearing this pile only for another pile to fall in its place again. “Agggh!’ the stegosaurus groaned in frustration.
    “Do not worry Spike, we will find a way to save Chomper,” Ducky said reassuringly, climbing up onto Spike and patting him on the back. Spike began to lick her like a dog. “Stop it!” she giggled.
    “Don’t worry Chomper, I’ll soon have you freed,” said Topps.
    “Mr. Threehorn, I don’t think you can move that all by yourself,” Chomper said.
    “Just watch me.”
    He charged at the pile of rocks. When he collided with the rocks, he barely put a dent in it. True, he had removed far more than Spike had been able to, but, like had happened to Spike, more rocks fell to replace the ones that he had removed.
    “Ug, now the rocks are closer to me! I was able to avoid them by crouching down but now I’m stuck crouching as the rocks are where my head used to be!” Chomper complained.
    “Well, if I can’t get him out, I don’t think anyone can,” Mr. Threehorn sighed.
    “That’s not true,” said Grandma Longneck.
    “You can’t get him out either, even if you are bigger than me. The rocks would still fall and Chomper would be buried even more,” Topps snapped.
    “I suggest that we clear the rocks down here and have Flyers move the rocks up there so that they won’t keep falling,” Grandpa Longneck said.
    They did what Grandpa Longneck had suggested. Mama Flyer, Etta, and several other Flyers helped move the boulders above out the way so that they wouldn’t be disturbed and fall when Topps charged at the boulders.
    Once the boulders were no longer at risk of falling, Mr. Threehorn again charged at the boulders trapping Chomper. This time, the boulders broke but no new boulders fell to replace them. With two charges at them, Topps was able to free Chomper. “Thank you Mr. Threehorn,” Chomper said.
    “Thanks for helping us out Chomper,” Topps replied.
    “I feel so happy. I want everyone to see. It’s like the Bright Circle is shining inside of me,” Chomper began to sing.
    “You helped so many after the earthquake and then you were trapped too,” Littlefoot sang.
    “But working together, you were there for me.
    In the end you guys came through,” Chomper sang.
    “I feel so happy I want everyone to see.
    It’s like the bright circle is shining inside of me.
    Feel so happy,” both Littlefoot and Chomper sang, ending the song.
    And so, everyone having been rescued and the group being very tired, they all went off for a long nap.

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