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    Grandma Longneck
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    Claba (OC)
    Good Inside
    Giving Friendship Another Try (New)
    Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Guido, and their friend Talio, a Hornbeak (Ouranosaurus) were gathering a large quantity of Tree Stars; they were, minus Chomper and Guido, who disliked their taste, planning to eat them for lunch on the top of a tall hill nearby. The Tree Stars had enough Tree Crawlers on them to satisfy both Chomper and Guido so that they wouldn’t feel left out.
    Petrie stood on the branch of a tree yanking and pulling with all of his might on a large clump of leaves, unsuccessfully trying to pull them loose. “Come on Tree Star! Come loose already!” he whined. He kept tugging and was eventually able to yank it loose from the tree. However, the force with which he had been yanking the Tree Star, no longer meeting with resistance, caused him to tumble through the air and crash into Talio, causing her to lose her balance and fall into her pile of Tree Stars, sending them scattering. “Oops, me sorry,” he said, feeling foolish.
    “That’s ok Petrie.” Talio replied. The two began picking up all of the fallen Tree Stars. Eventually, they had gathered them all up again. Petrie and Guido, deciding that it would be easier to fly up the hill than carry the heavy load of Tree Stars up the hill, took to the air. Petrie right away, Guido after climbing up a bit and spreading out his wings and catching a slight breeze. The two moved toward the top of the of the hill: Petrie flying gracefully and Guido, being a novice Flyer, more haphazardly. Petrie landed gracefully. Guido was nearing the top but was moving too quickly.
    “Guido, slow down. Not so fast! Nos so fast! Push back your wings!” Petrie cried. Guido, however, was unable to slow down in time. “Guido, push back your…!’ he cried. WHAM! Guido collided with him. “Oof!” Petrie moaned as he was plowed over. Petrie fell forward, taking Guido with him. The two went tumbling down the hill. Ducky tried to get out of the way of the tumbling Petrie and Guido but was unsuccessful. She too was bowled over.
    “No, no, no!” she cried. She too began to roll down the hill. The three of them were rapidly moving at Chomper. He tried to turn around and run, but they were coming on him too quickly and soon collided with him.
    “Oh no!” Chomper cried as he was knocked over and began to tumble down the hill.
    (Theme song: All I see is the day in front of us. All I see is the day in front of us. Burning bright with a new-born sun. Burning bright with a new-born sun. Come follow me
    Hills to climb and plains to roam
    Oh, streams to follow all the way home
    To the Land Before Time
    Before time
    Littlefoot, Cera, Ruby, Spike, and Talio began to turn around and flee down the hill. Chomper, Petrie, Ducky, and Guido collided with Talio first, plowing her over. She collided with Cera, who then fell and bumped into Ruby. Littlefoot and Spike bolted for the bottom of the hill. Spike made it, but Littlefoot was knocked over by Ruby before he could reach the bottom.
    Their Tree Stars, knocked out of their possession when they took a tumble, began to blow away in the wind. Spike, though, had his Tree Stars still. However, spotting a tasty looking fern plant he set his Tree Stars down and began to munch on the plant instead. His Tree Stars too began to blow away in the wind.
    While Spike gluttonously devoured the fern plant, the others chased after the blowing Tree Stars. “Come back Tree Stars. Me need you!” Petrie yelled.
    Ducky chased after the blowing Tree Stars. “Come here!” she cried, leaping up at them. “Unnnh!” she moaned. She continued to leap up by they continued to blow above her head, just out of her reach. “Stop! Stop! Stop!”
    All of them, minus the preoccupied Spike, chased after the blowing Tree Stars, trying in vain to grab them. It seemed that their plan of having a mini-feast atop the hill was not going to materialize unless they could reobtain the blowing Tree Stars. The Tree Stars blew across a stream. Petrie and Guido flew across after them while Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Talio, and Ruby waded across. Ducky, though too small to wade across, was able to swim across. Chomper, however, was too small to wade across and couldn’t swim. “Guys, come back!” he yelled after them.
    Petrie was the closest to the blowing Tree Stars and was quickly gaining on them. He seized one of them and cried “Me got one!” He grabbed several others. “Me got loads now…..” he cried. Alas, for he’d spoken too soon. Focusing too much on the Tree Stars nearby, he’d not devoted enough attention to where he was going and crashed into a rock outcropping jutting out from the side of a cliff. “Ooof!” He lost his grip on the Tree Stars and began to plummet to the ground. “Now me don’t.” He crashed into Talio and landed on her back. Luckily, he was able to move quickly enough to grab onto her back and not fall off.
    Talio continued to chase after the Tree Stars. They were ahead of her but always just barely out of her reach. She reached out to grab them and almost had them when she suddenly collided with something solid and was knocked over. “Ow!’ she cried.
    She looked up to see a female Shieldback (Polacanthus). She was eating all of the blowing Tree Stars. The others, minus Chomper, who was still trapped on the other side of the water, arrived shortly after Talio and Petrie did.
    “Hey, those are our Tree Stars!” Cera snapped.
    “Finders keepers. Losers weepers.” the Shieldback replied.
    She ate the rest of their Tree Stars. The group groaned. After she was done eating the Tree Stars, the Shieldback walked away.
    “That greedy old Shieldback! She ate all of our Tree Stars!” Cera grumbled.
    A short time later, the group headed back across the stream, empty-handed. “Did you get the Tree Stars?” Chomper, who had been unable to cross and had been awaiting their return, asked them.
    “NO!” Cera shouted angrily. Chomper backed away from her in alarm.
    “What happened?” he asked her.
    “A mean Shieldback ate all of our Tree Stars.” Cera replied.
    Chomper shook his head. “Want a Crawler?” Chomper offered, holding out a squirming bug.
    “NO!” Cera shouted angrily.
    “Thanks.” Guido said, grabbing several Crawlers from Chomper before he could say anything and eating them all.
    “Hey!” Chomper snapped.
    “These are quite good Crawlers.” Guido replied. Chomper shook his head and went off to eat the other Crawlers.
    Later that day, Grandpa Longneck was with a depressed Littlefoot. “Something seems to be bothering you Littlefoot.” he remarked.
    “Why does Silvi have to be so mean?” Littlefoot asked.
    Grandpa Longneck sighed. “I see you’ve met Silvi.” he said.
    “Yes, the wind blew our Tree Stars and they blew to her and she ate them all.We even told her that they were ours, but she didn’t care!” Littlefoot grumbled.
    “I’m sorry to hear about that.”
    “Why does she have to be that way?” Littlefoot asked again.
    “She’s always kept to herself since she came to the Great Valley and doesn’t have any friends.”
    “I can see why she doesn’t have any friends if she’s so mean!”
    “We don’t anything about her or why she would be mean. Perhaps she had a hard life in the Mysterious Beyond.” Grandma Longneck said.
    “I lost my mother in the Mysterious Beyond and you don’t see me being mean to everyone.” The death of his mother was a touchy subject that he didn’t bring up often. Even worse than losing her on the day of a traumatic Earthshake and nearly being killed by Sharptooth himself was the fact that it had been on his fifth Hatch Day.
    “I know you didn’t, Littlefoot, but not everyone reacts the same way to bad things happening to them.” Grandpa Longneck replied.
    “What did happen to her?”
    “She refuses to talk about it.” Grandma Longneck said.
    Sometime later, Littlefoot told his friends what he had learned about Silvi. “I agree with Littlefoot. Whatever happened to her, it doesn’t excuse her acting like the biggest jerk in the Great Valley.” Cera remarked.
    “I think it’s best if we avoid her.” Guido said.
    “I agree.” Talio said in agreement.
    “Me do too.” Petrie said.
    “I actually think it’s best if we found out why she’s this way. Maybe we can help.” Littlefoot said.
    “What? Are you nuts? She makes my dad seem less grumpy by comparison!” Cera said incredulously.
    “Littlefoot’s right. She’s never going to get nicer until someone helps her get nicer.” Ruby said.
    “I can’t see her ever getting nicer!” Cera scoffed.
    “Everybody has some good inside them; and everyone also has some bad.” Littlefoot began to sing.
    “Everybody will be happy sometimes. And everyone will sometimes be sad.” Ducky sang.
    “And sometimes they’ll really make you mad,” Cera sang.
    “But in spite of how they may be acting at any one time, the truth is that they are still good inside.” Littlefoot sang.
    “Sometimes the best thing to do with some people is to stay far away,” Cera sang.
    “We don’t know why Silvi is acting this way,” Littlefoot sang.
    “She have personality like rotten tree sweet,” Petrie sang.
    “Someone that you never want to meet,” Chomper sang.
    “Maybe there’s more to her than we see on the outside,” Ruby sang.
    “Maybe the good Silvi’s just gone away to hide,” Littlefoot sang.
    “I guess it’s possible,” Guido sang.
    “Though not likely probably,” Talio sang.
    “That Silvi could be,” Littlefoot sang.
    “Good inside,” all of them sang, finishing the song.
    Soon, they agreed to go talk to Silvi to find out more about her. After searching for her for some time, they finally found her. She clearly had made it a point to avoid others. “What do you want?” she snapped at them.
    “We wanted to talk to you.” Littlefoot said.
    “I don’t want to talk!” she snapped.
    “Why not?”
    “Do I have to give a reason, you pesky kids?”
    “Come on Littlefoot, let’s go! We’re clearly not wanted here.” Cera said.
    “But Cera, I think that she just…..”
    “Your friend is right. I don’t want to be bothered. Now scoot!”
    Littlefoot sighed and left with the others. “I just don’t get it.” he said to his friends a short time later.
    “Some dinosaurs just can’t be reasoned with.” Guido said.
    “Guido’s right. She’s hopeless.” Talio said in agreement.
    “Nobody’s hopeless.” Littlefoot said.
    “Me think Silvi is.” Petrie remarked.
    “I agree. She is hopeless. Yep, yep, yep, she is.” Ducky said.
    “We can’t give up yet.” Littlefoot said.
    The others groaned. “What do you plan to do to get Silvi to stop being such a jerk?” Cera asked.
    “Maybe we should get her something nice, you know, like a gift.”
    “A gift?”
    “Yes, we can give her something really nice and then she’ll be nice toward us,” Ruby said.
    “Considering how mean she is, it would have to be a very nice gift,” Guido opined.
    “So, what do you think Silvi would like?” Talio asked.
    “Probably to be left alone,” Cera scoffed.
    “You’re not helping, Cera!” Littlefoot scolded her.
    “Me no sure. Maybe we just ask her and find out,” Petrie suggested.
    “No harm in trying,” Guido said.
    Sometime later, they approached Silvi. “We were wondering what…..” Ruby began.
    “What do you want?” Silvi snapped at them, not even allowing Ruby to finish.
    “What Ruby meant to say was that we were wondering….” Talio began.
    “What is it you want already? You’ve said you were wondering twice now,” Silvi snapped, again cutting them off.
    “We were going to ask…..” Littlefoot began.
    “Then just ask already!” Silvi snapped.
    “Ohhhh!” Cera fumed. “We want to know what you’d like as the best gift,” Cera said.
    “To be left alone.”
    “See, what did I tell you?” Cera said to the others.
    “Come on, we just want….” Littlefoot began again.
    “Please just go away,” Silvi said.
    “We just wanted to….” Littlefoot began to argue.
    “Leave!” Silvi shouted.
    “Me think that good idea!” Petrie cried, taking off at once, closely followed by Guido.
    “Silvi, please, we just want to know why you are so grumpy all the time,” Littlefoot was finally able to finish.
    “I have my reasons.”
    “What are they?”
    “Is it really any of your business? You’re just a kid; shouldn’t you be off playing toss the seed or something like a normal kid?”
    “It seems you don’t have any friends and I thought I could help with that.”
    “I prefer it this way.”
    “How come?”
    “Bad stuff happened to me in the past. Never was the same since then.”
    “What kind of stuff?”
    “None of your business!” Silvi snapped, upset that she had opened up even as much as she had to the pesky young Longneck. “Now get out of here!”
    Littlefoot and his friends all fled. They met up with Petrie and Guido, who had left earlier.
    “Let’s never bother Silvi again,” Cera snarled.
    “Me concur with Cera,” Petrie said.
    “I agree as well,” Ruby sighed.
    “But Ruby, we can’t give up,” Littlefoot implored her.
    “Littlefoot, we’ve done our best. Since we’ve done our best, I don’t think that there’s anything more that we can do.”
    Eventually, all of them, minus Littlefoot, had decided to play a game of toss the seed. Littlefoot sat there, downhearted, silently watching them.
    After missing the seed, which landed beside Littlefoot, Chomper went to retrieve. He paused to talk to his friend. “Why don’t you join us, Littlefoot?”
    “Can’t. I think we shouldn’t give up on Silvi.”
    “Littlefoot, Silvi is grumpier than Mr. Threehorn.”
    “I know she’s grumpy, but she still has no friends.”
    “I think she’s happy not wanting any.”
    “Why, though?”
    “Don’t know. Whatever it was must have happened many cold times ago.”
    “Many cold times?” Littlefoot mused. He had an idea. He knew of someone that had been in the Great Valley a long time and, if there was anyone that would know about Silvi’s past, it would be him. “What about Mr. Thicknose?”
    “What about him?”
    “He might know why Silvi is so grumpy and what happened to her.”
    “Good thinking.”
    Several minutes later, Cera asked “What is Mr. Thicknose supposed to help us with?”
    “To find out what happened to Silvi in her past.”
    “You aren’t going to drop this Silvi thing, are you?” Cera sighed. Littlefoot ignored her remark.
    A few minutes later, they approached Mr. Thicknose. “Littlefoot, what can I help you with?” the Pachyrhinosaurus asked.
    “Mr. Thicknose, we’re wondering about Silvi,” Littlefoot said.
    “What about her?”
    “We want to know what happened to her in her past that made her so grumpy. We figure that since you’ve been in the Great Valley so long, you might know the answer to our questions.”
    Mr. Thicknose sighed. “Yes, I do know what happened to her. It happened sometime before she first arrived at the Great Valley.”
    “Did she tell you?” Cera asked.
    “When we first met, she did, but she was loathe to mention it after that.”
    “What did she say?” Talio asked.
    “It was all because of an old friend of hers, Claba.Claba and Silvi met when they were both about your age. They did everything together. When they were fully grown, the leaf famine came and they headed toward the Great Valley together. They were with a herd of Clubtails and Shieldbacks, but got separated from them in the Great Earthshake. They were afraid, but they still had each other, so they didn’t give up hope and continued on toward the Great Valley. They met many dangers, but together, they were able to overcome them. One day however…..”
    Several years earlier, Claba and Silvi had been together. Though they had only heard of the way from others, and didn’t know exactly how far they had to go, Silvi had hope that they were at last nearing the Great Valley.
    “It can’t be much further. At least I hope not. We’ve already been travelling for years,” Claba sighed.
    “I know the Great Valley is toward the Bright Circle and we’ve been going in that direction,” Silvi replied.
    “Maybe we missed it and are headed toward a Great Nothing.”
    “Don’t give up hope.”
    After traveling for several more hours, it was nearing sunset. Clara had suggested that they rest for the night and Silvi was about to agree, when the two of them scented green food. Not just the small amount typical of the Mysterious Beyond during the Great Leaf Famine, but a plenteous amount atypical of anywhere they had ever been in their lives.
    “I think it’s the Great Valley!” Claba cried excitedly.
    “I think so too. But shouldn’t we rest for the night? We can go in the morning as soon as the Bright Circle rises.”
    “Come on Silvi, you were so optimistic earlier when I was skeptical and now you want to wait another night when we’re so close to the Great Valley?”
    “You know it’s not a good idea to travel at night.”
    “Think of the green food. We’ve had little food or water for days. Isn’t it worth it?”
    “I suppose you’re right.”
    “Then what are we waiting for?”
    The two of them excitedly ran toward the Great Valley. However, what they didn’t know was that there was another valley up ahead on the other side of the steep hill they were climbing, one that was between them and the Great Valley. In this valley lurked a Sharptooth. He was hungry, not having found any food all day. He too had been thinking of going to bed; however, just then he’d smelled the Shieldback and the Clubtail. The fools were heading right toward him!
    Silvi noticed the Sharptooth first. “Sharptooth!” she cried. The Sharptooth charged at the two of them, having failed to catch them by surprise as he’d planned. The two readied themselves to face him, knowing that they had no choice of turning around and running from him as it would be uphill.
    Claba swung her tail at the Sharptooth’s legs. The Sharptooth stumbled from the blow but managed to keep his footing. He lunged at Claba and bit her in the tail. She cried out in pain but continued to fight, striking the Sharptooth in the face and knocking out three of his teeth with her tail. The Sharptooth howled in pain. Silvi struck him in the legs. He lost his footing and rolled down the hill and fell off a cliff to his death.
    “That’s teach you to mess with us!” Silvi declared in triumph. However, her victory was short-lived as she noticed that her friend was losing blood. The bite had been deeper than the two of them had first thought.
    Silvi knew that they needed to get to the Great Valley, to find a leaf or something to bandage the wound and stop the bleeding, for there were none in the desolate landscape they were in in the Mysterious Beyond. By the time they reached the Great Valley and Silvi bandaged her friend’s wound to stop the blood loss, however, it was too late. She had already lost too much blood. And since that tragic day, Silvi had never been the same, keeping to herself.
    “Now it makes sense,” Littlefoot said when Mr. Thicknose had finished telling the tale. “Silvi doesn’t want to make new friends because she’s afraid she’ll lose them like she did with Claba.”
    “I still don’t see what we can do about it,” Cera sighed.
    “We can at least talk to her.”
    “Didn’t we already try that?” Guido sighed.
    “I guess we’re going to try again,” Talio said.
    A few minutes later, they once more approached Silvi. “What do you want this time?” she snapped.
    “We wanted to be friends with you.”
    “I told you guys, I want to be left alone.”
    “We know about Claba,” Ruby said.
    “You do, do you? Well now you know what I want to be left alone.”
    “We know you’re afraid of getting new friends because you fear losing them,” Littlefoot began.
    “But we’ll be extra careful not to get hurt,” Chomper continued.
    “It’s not that simple.”
    “You can’t spend the rest of your life being alone. No, no, no,” Ducky said.
    “I have so far.”
    “It can’t be a very fun life,” Littlefoot argued.
    “Yes, but it’s mine.”
    “Come on, let’s go, I think Silvi just doesn’t want to be friends with anyone,” Littlefoot sighed in resignation.
    After they left, Silvi felt conflicted. Nobody had ever tried this hard to befriend her before. Would it really be that bad to have friends again?
    “I don’t know what to do.
    There’s a lot that I’ve been through.
    Losing Claba definitely was tough.
    Still, I wonder if my loneliness has gone on long enough.
    I really can’t deny.
    It might do me good to give friendship another try.
    Maybe turning over a new leaf is what I need.
    Maybe this was meant to be indeed.
    I really can’t deny.
    It might do me good to give friendship another try.” she sang.
    “Now where could those kids be?” she wondered aloud.
    Littlefoot and his friends, meanwhile, had decided to play a game of rock tossing. They tried to toss rocks as high up as they could at the side of a mountain. Ducky, Petrie, and Chomper couldn’t get their rocks up that high due to their smaller size. Petrie, in frustration, tried to fly a rock up to a higher location. Guido tried the same, though he started later than Petrie.
    “No fair Petrie, you can fly!” Cera snapped.
    “It not Petrie’s fault you no can fly.” Still, he began to head back toward the ground to throw rocks at the same level as the others. Guido, however, had thrown one just as Cera was declaring that throwing rocks while flying was cheating.
    “Wow, that one went quite high!” Guido said.
    “Well, it was not from the same level as the rest of us so I’m not sure if that counts, Guido. Sorry,” Littlefoot said.
    “I can beat it anyway,” Cera declared.
    She moved back a few yards, then charged forward, whacking the rock as hard as she could with her head as she made impact. It sailed up past Guido’s rock. “See, I did it!” she bragged.
    However, the impact of her rock had loosened nearby rocks, which then loosened larger nearby rocks, soon creating a chain of cascading rocks heading their way.
    “Oh no, Cera’s rock has loosened all of the other rocks, which are coming toward us!” Ruby cried.
    “Run!” Cera yelled. They ran from the avalanche of rocks, not stopping until they were well out of range.
    “Nice going Cera!” Littlefoot snapped.
    “Sorry. Didn’t think that would happen.”
    “Where are we?” Ruby asked.
    Talio looked around. “This doesn’t look like any part of the Great Valley that I’ve ever been in,” she remarked.
    Guido looked around as well. “That’s because we’re not in the Great Valley, we’re in the Mysterious Beyond,” he said.
    “We’d better get out of here before Sharpteeth find us,” Ducky said.
    “Me agree,” Petrie said.
    GRRRRR! RARRRRR! Petrie felt something touch him. The claw-like feeling on his back plus the roars and snarls nearly frightened him out of the skin. He took to the air, flying so fast he couldn’t stop in time to avoid plowing into Cera and nearly knocking her over. The two turned around to stare at a laughing Chomper.
    “That not funny!” Petrie snapped angrily.
    “I thought it was,” Chomper chortled, still laughing.
    “Real mature Chomper,” Cera grumbled, rolling her eyes.
    GRRRRR! RARRRRR! “Very funny Chomper!” Littlefoot snapped.
    “It wasn’t me.”
    “Then what…..”
    They all turned around and saw the Deinonychus brothers Screech and Thud approaching.
    “Run!” Littlefoot cried.They ran and the Fast Biters chased after them.
    Silvi, meanwhile, who happened to be near the edge of the Great Valley, heard their distressed cries for help. Silvi ran into the Mysterious Beyond and saw the children being chased by the raptors. She knew that the children were in trouble. She had to rescue them. She couldn’t let them get killed like Claba. She raced out toward Screech and Thud. The two Fast Biters toward away from the kids to glare at her.
    “Silvi, be careful!” Littlefoot cried.
    “I know what I’m doing.”
    As Screech approached, Silvi whacked him in the head with her tail. Screech stumbled but kept his balance. Thud clawed her in the side. Thankfully, the cut wasn’t deep. She retaliated by kicking the Fast Biter in the leg. Thud fell over.
    Screech moved toward Silvi, but suddenly cried out in pain. He turned around angrily to stare at his tail. Chomper had used the opportunity of Silvi’s arrival to attack the Fast Biter while he was preoccupied. Thud tried to shake Chomper off. With Screech distracted, Silvi took the opportunity to whack him with her tail. He fell over and Chomper leapt off only just in time. Thud, now up again, moved to attack Silvi, who had been busy felling Screech, and would have landed a powerful bite on her neck had not Chomper caught wind of this and jumped directly from the falling Screech onto his tail and latched onto it with his teeth.
    Thud, now very angry, tried to slash at Chomper with his claws. Chomper wouldn’t have been able to react in time, had not Screech’s aim been ruined by yet another distraction. He turned to stare down at his knees. Cera had leapt at them and rammed them with his horn. Thud hopped in pain, allowing Chomper to get away from him. Cera backed away as well.
    The two Fast Biters, already sore, retreated in disgust. “Thanks for helping us, Silvi,” Littlefoot said.
    They returned to the Great Valley. They had been saved from the Sharpteeth and Silvi had friends again.

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