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    I don’t have any original fanfiction, but I would like to at least recommend some that are written by other writers that you guys would like. :happy_littlefoot

    One of them is Land Before Time: Far Away Home by Caustizer (
    Description: Littlefoot and the gang of seven go on their greatest adventure yet as they push the boundaries of their world into places far beyond the horizon. Featuring Sky and Star.
    As of now, I’m almost a third of the way in as it is mildly long, but so far, from what I read, it has a solid storyline that I think would interest some of you. It also has a few original characters that Caustizer has drawn in his DeviantArt page. Check it out.

    Another one is Ventione Venatus by Dosu2Dinner (
    Description: If being enrolled involuntarily into a sharptooth pack in the Mysterious Beyond was bad enough, Chomper soon realises there is far more great threat upon the horizon. Even worse is the turmoil that will soon reach the Great Valley. As two terrifying forces begin the collide in terrifying warfare, our prehistoric friends find themselves in the middle. Complete.
    Now, I read this fanfiction in full the second time that I read it (when I first read through it in 2014, it had around 17-20 chapters). It gets pretty interesting in the beginning and sort of keeps that interest for the first half. Aside from the part just before ending—which is decent but a little weird (Some of you will probably see why), this fic is actually pretty good.

    Here’s one that I thought was weird, but entertaining. The Truth is Out There by Karkovice (
    Description: A corroborative story detailing a theory of the origins of the rainbow faced dinosaurs that appeared in the 7th movie: The Stone Of Cold Fire, and how the dinos can handle the truth.
    Remember the rainbow faces in movie VII, the two dinosaurs that looked smart and guided Littlefoot before disappearing into the skies like aliens? Well, this fanfiction covers an entertaining idea of what the rainbow faces are. It feels ridiculous at first, but I think that’s what makes it work. Also, there’s actually two more fanfictions that connect with this story.

    Well, that all I have for today. Again, i’m sorry. I do not have any fanfictions that I made, but I do want to show some of the things that I have read. :nervous_cera

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    I have a bunch, all in various degrees of editing. The Sharp Beak Prince was supposed to be done but I’m thinking of rewriting it to be more Petrie-centric than Ptero-centric.

    My “Official” Cannon:

    Ichy’s Tale:

    This is the story of how a Friendly Sharptooth, raised by Leaf Eaters, fell into becoming a bad Sharptooth. It tells of how he came from being a hero with the Flyers to being a Land Before Time villain.

    Look for the Light
    A backstory of Etta,her sister, her cousin, and how she came to meet Bron. May go further than that too all the way into Four Kinds Quest. This is another role play.

    My “Non-Official” Cannon

    Life of a Sharptooth

    Chomper had long been thinking of being a normal Sharptooth, to keep from dying of hunger. After a tragic accident forces him to leave the Great Valley, he first journeys to see Dil and Ichy, two other Sharpteeth that were once friendly, to learn how to hunt and catch prey. After that, he struggles to survive as well as avoid his rival, Red Claw. Will he ever see his friends again?

    Chomper Trilogy:

    A Sharptooth’s Revenge
    After a Longneck murders Chomper’s mother, Chomper goes after him for revenge. However, the Longneck takes refuge in the Great Valley. Chomper cannot convince Littlefoot that a Longneck would do such a thing. Thus, he must ponder arousing the wrath of the Great Valley and possibly his friends to avenge his mother. (Based on a roleplay.)(Prequel of The Return of the Tyrantasaruus)

    The Return of the Tyrantasaurus
    It’s been 20 years since the death of Littlefoot’s mother and all seems well. However, all of that changes when Sharptooth returns. Sharptooth is planning an attack on the Great Valley and only Chomper can stop him. Chomper falls in love with a Sharptooth named Tiny and marries her. However, when forced to kill Leaf Eaters, he now wonders if he can go back (Story from a roleplay.)

    The Combined Pack
    Littlefoot finally learns about his other grandparents. They were kicked out of his old herd for evil acts. However, when they arrive at the Great Valley with a combined herd, seeking revenge, he secretly tasks Chomper, Dil, Ichy, Tucompso, Tiny, and Lumoava to create a Combined Pack to fight back. But it’s easier said than done. (Role play) (Sequel to Return of the Tyrantasuarus)

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