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The Land Before Time: Death in the Great Valley

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    Note: This is one of my story ideas that I’m bringing to life. I’ve always been curious of what Littlefoot’s life would be like if he was taken in by Cera’s family until he was grown up. The gang of five is in their early teens.

    Chapter 1

    It was a sad day in the Great Valley; the herd gathered around Littlefoot’s grandparents as they were about to die. Things were never gonna be the same without them; and Littlefoot would have to be taken in by a neighboring herd since he was too young to take care of himself.
    As usual, Topsy was skeptical of taking him in; however, if he was taken in by Petrie’s family, he’d have to endure the yelling of Petrie’s brothers and sisters. Ducky’s family was also another option he couldn’t go with considering her mother had too many kids already. In the end, he took Cera’s family up on the offer to stay with them until he was all grown up.
    Grandma and Grandpa smiled knowing that Littlefoot will be well looked after once they were gone.
    “Don’t worry about Littlefoot; we’ll look after him; I’m gonna miss you guys,” Topsy admitted.
    “We’ll miss all of you; and especially you Littlefoot,” Grandpa claimed.
    Littlefoot nuzzled his grandparents; soon enough, the last breath of life escaped their bodies. He then stood back and allowed for his unshed tears to stream down his face and onto the ground in front of him. Although, Topsy had better control over his emotions, the death of Grandma and Grandpa Longneck still made him feel sad. Soon enough, the old longnecks were buried by the entrance of the valley; it was Littlefoot’s request for their resting place and would eventually become his when he dies of old age.
    Throughout the day, Littlefoot was becoming increasingly depressed. Cera had offered to be the seeker in a game of Hide and Seek; but, he politely declined. Even though the young threehorn was disappointed, she understood that if Littlefoot didn’t want to play, she took no for an answer and then left to find Ducky, Petrie and Spike. Once Cera had left, Topsy took it as his cue to see if Littlefoot wanted to talk. He wandered over to the young longneck laid down next to him. Littlefoot turned his gaze over to the adult threehorn and sighed.
    “Something on your mind, son?” Topsy asked.
    Littlefoot nodded.
    “I know what it’s like to lose a loved one; my mother died when I was about your age and I was taken in by my father’s parents; they may have been my guardians until I was old enough to live by myself; but, I still preferred to be with my mother; I was a Mama’s Boy back in the day; my father ditched the family to make a second one in order to replace me; see, after my twin brother died, my father left; he came back after a couple of years and impregnated my mother; she lost the hatchling and he blamed me; he left again after that; haven’t seen him since I was 8; ever since then, I tried to make myself seem tough due to the crap I endured,” Topsy explained.
    Littlefoot was amazed; was this the same threehorn who instantly hated him upon first meeting? Now, he was sharing something that he kept hidden since childhood. Littlefoot wasn’t expecting him to share something THAT personal; he must really trust him.
    “Why were you telling me all this? I thought you would like to keep stories of your childhood to yourself,” Littlefoot claimed.
    “To be completely honest, witnessing your grandparents’ deaths brought back a memory of when I witnessed my own mother’s death; you see, I was only 16 when she died; and you’re how old?” Topsy wondered.
    “A year younger than you were when you lost your mother,” Littlefoot told him.
    Topsy nodded.
    “Anyway, I’m sorry about your grandparents; they were fair leaders; and I’m still thankful to your grandpa for saving me and Cera from the fire so many years ago and thankful to you for bringing her back alive when you were just hatchlings,” Topsy said.
    Littlefoot nodded.
    “And I’m thankful that you took me in; considering that I’m too young to live on my own; and since my grandparents were your friends and Cera is my best friend, I don’t see a problem with us being friends; age doesn’t matter really; nor does species,” Littlefoot explained.
    Topsy nodded in agreement.
    If Littlefoot was going to stay with Cera’s family until he reaches adulthood, he would have to be able to get along with them. However, he was never expected to forget how caring his grandparents were to him when they were alive. He would eventually not get so emotional over the loss after a while; with help from his friends and the herd.
    “Grandma, Grandpa, wherever you are; I couldn’t thank you enough for taking care of me after Mother died; I miss you already; I’ll always remember you as the wise leaders you were when you were alive,” Littlefoot said while looking up at the sky.
    Just then, three cloud figures showed up. One of them was his mother and the other two were his grandparents. The breeze blew lightly as if they were nuzzling him.
    “We’ll always be with you…even if you can’t see us,” Littlefoot heard his grandma’s voice for the last time.
    Littlefoot started shedding more tears; and another breeze blew lightly against his face to wipe away his tears. Topsy thought he might have been going crazy; it wasn’t just Littlefoot who felt the presence of his mother and grandparents; he did, too. Soon enough, a cloud shape of a threehorn appeared in the sky. He recognized the figure as his mother.
    “She must have seen that I agreed to take care of Littlefoot after his grandparents died,” Topsy thought.
    Soon enough, the figures disappeared back into the afterlife. Littlefoot now felt comforted to know that he would be well taken care of even if it’s with a family who isn’t related to him. :happy_cera

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    Poor Littlefoot. His grandparents died.

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    Note: This is also a LittlefootXCera pairing story. I always saw the possibility of Littlefoot and Cera growing up and becoming more than just friends.
    Chapter 2

    Later that night, Littlefoot was seen sulking; the death of his grandparents was very devastating. Even though, he was safe with Cera’s family, he still greatly missed his grandparents. Cera came back to the nest and noticed that Littlefoot was just as sad as he was in the morning.
    “Littlefoot?” Cera asked as she rushed over to his side.
    After seeing the tears falling from her best friend’s eyes, she was instantly concerned. She hated seeing him so upset and laid next to him. The longneck turned his teary gaze over to Cera; he sensed that she cares for him judging by how she rushed over to see if he was okay.
    “I miss Grandma and Grandpa; don’t get me wrong; I like you and your family and I appreciate you guys for taking me in; but, it’s not the same as it was when I lived at my old nest,” Littlefoot admitted.
    “Don’t worry about it; I’d feel the same way if I lost my family and had to be taken in; I know that me and my family could never replace your grandparents; but, you still have memories of them from when we were hatchlings up until their deaths,” Cera assured him.
    Littlefoot was impressed; Cera was normally a full-of-herself, bossy and stubborn threehorn, much like her father is; now, she is being more sympathetic to him. In the back of his mind, he thought maybe Tria’s a good influence on her as well as on Topsy.
    Soon enough, the two teens looked in each other’s eyes; then, they moved their muzzles closer together. When Cera opened her mouth to put her tongue in Littlefoot’s mouth, he surprisingly didn’t pull away from her.
    “What’s all this, then? An interspecies relationship is being formed under my nose?” Kosh demanded.
    The teens pulled away and faced the angry clubtail coming at them.
    “Just wait until your parents hear about this, young lady!” Kosh added.
    “Oh, I’m, like, so scared,” Cera retorted.
    Littlefoot chuckled under his breath; however, Kosh managed to hear it.
    “Young man, this is not a laughing matter; you better have a good explanation for why you two were kissing,” Kosh snarled before walking away.
    “That clubtail is a pain in the butt,” Littlefoot stated.
    Unfortunately for Littlefoot, Kosh heard what he said. He then turned back to face the young longneck.
    “Keep talking like that, and I’ll give you a pain in the butt,” Kosh growled right up in Littlefoot’s face.
    Littlefoot pulled back; Kosh’s breath was ripe; since he had eaten overripe treesweets and sweet bubbles. He then waved his paw in front of his face.
    “That’s disgusting; are you sure you don’t garnish your sweet bubbles and treesweets with your own dung?” Littlefoot wondered.
    Kosh went wide eyed at that remark. This wasn’t like Littlefoot to talk like that to his elders; he was usually more respectful. However, Kosh was being very bossy to him and Cera; so, it was a contributing factor to Littlefoot’s bad mood. The recent death of his grandparents has already made him feel bad enough without getting yelled at.
    “So, no comeback, huh?” Littlefoot sneered.
    Kosh grumbled under his breath and wandered away from the area.
    “I sure showed him that he can’t tell us what to do,” Littlefoot told Cera.
    A little while later, Kosh came up to the Thundering Falls and saw that Topsy was taking a drink. Once the adult threehorn had quenched his thirst, he turned around and faced the clubtail.
    “What’s eating you?” Topsy asked.
    “Littlefoot and Cera, that’s what! I saw them kissing…with their tongues in each other’s mouths,” Kosh answered.
    “What would you like me to do about it?” Topsy wondered.
    “Tell them that their relationship would never work and that the council will not allow them to be together as more than friends,” Kosh demanded.
    In the past, Topsy could never imagine a threehorn and a longneck falling in love with each other. If he had fallen in love with a longneck while he was Littlefoot and Cera’s age, his two choices were either the death penalty or find a new place to live; that is, another valley.
    “I can’t keep them apart; if they want to get together as more than friends, it’s none of our business to tell them otherwise,” Topsy claimed.
    Kosh growled.
    “I knew it! The longnecks made a mistake appointing you and Tria as the new leaders; you have gone soft; and I for one am disappointed and ashamed of you,” Kosh said in a dark tone.
    “I have not gone soft; just ’cause you and I don’t share the same opinion, doesn’t make my opinion less valid than yours,” Topsy protested.
    And with that, Topsy wandered back to his nest and Kosh went back to his.

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