I’m in the process of redesigning the website from scratch!  Some amazing features are coming, so stay tuned! I expect to be done with the update by 7/8/2022. Feel free to still post on the forum, explore the site, upload photos, etc. during the redesign. I’m keeping all the data from the old site. Just be aware that things might look a little funny or might not work right from a usability perspective while I’m working on the site.

Mobile Improvements & New Background

So, I’m still going at it working to improve and update many different things on the site. One of the most glaring problems was the HORRIBLE mobile navigation menu. It was very difficult to comfortably navigate the forums and the main menu while on a smartphone. I’m happy to report that this issue has been resolved and a brand new menu has been installed. I also have a new main image that’s only visible on mobile. The banner image would shrink and become too small to see on a mobile screen, but there’s a new image now that you’ll see if you log in with your smartphone.

I’ve also added a new background to the site. I usually prefer a cleaner look but I always thought that the site was missing something. Now that I’ve found and added this background I hope people like it.

Stay tuned for more updates! I’ll write another news article here outlining the new updates as soon as they’re rolled out.

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Mobile Improvements & New Background

  • SapphireRuby

    Yeah, it looks a whole lot better on my phone now. Thanks for all your hard work Austin! You can definitely tell things are improving around here.

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